Daily Specials

Wild swordfish fajita. $ 24

Wild swordfish tacos-3 soft corn tortillas with grilled Tuna,cabbage,pico,avocado,and chipotle mayo.Served with elote $24

Soft shell crab tacos. Panko breaded soft shell crab,flash fried, served inside 3 soft shell corn tortillas with avocado,cabbage,pico,chipotle mayo and elote on the side $ 19
Blue point oysters-Served with cilantro champagne mignonette $3 each minimum 6 

Agua fresca-Muddled mint and fresh pineapple juice shaken to perfection.Refreshing and tasty.22 oz $12

Watermelon margarita on the rocks-Prepared with Villa one blanco ,triple sec,watermelon liquor,Absolut watermelon ,watermelon and lime juice . 20 oz $20

Cocoloconuts- Don Q pineapple,coconut and anejo rum with coconut water and coconut puree 20 oz $20

Patron Diablo roja prepared with Patron blanco,fresh squeezed lime juice,hibiscus puree,agave,ginger beer 20 oz $20

Mai Tai-bacardi spiced rum,white rum,triple sec,lime juice,orange juice ,pineapple juice,orgeat and a splash of grenadine 16 oz $18

La Paloma roja prepared with grapefruit infused tequila,triple sec,lime juice ,hibiscus puree,grapefruit soda. 20 oz $20